Monday, October 19, 2015

Google Cardboard

Whenever we see something that we think might further our kids' learning, regardless of if we can immediately find a direct application, we get it. We bet that the kids can figure out some applications for the materials. Two weeks ago, when Melissa and I went to the Missouri Google Summit, we saw Bob Deneau's presentation on new Google Apps. One of the items that he showed us was Google Cardboard. We were sold. There are a ton of things we can use the viewers for and the kids can come up with a ton more. By the end of Bob's session, we had ordered four viewers.

Google Cardboard is a simple viewfinder that works with the Google Street View app in Cardboard mode. When you look through the viewfinder, you see a scene that you've chosen. The scene is all around you. You can look up, down and all around. You will see the entire "world" in which you are immersed; you're in the middle of it. Cardboard is a very cool piece of low-tech tech.

Today I put together one of the viewers and we tried it out. Pretty cool! On Friday, as part of my Creative Genius time, I am going to show the kids our new Google Cardboard viewers. We will circulate the four viewers that we have and watch as kids find a few new things they can do in class. Maybe some will use this low-tech, ultra-cool tool to help design their civilization for social studies or find a way to use it for their 20% Time project. We will have as many uses for the Cardboard viewers as we have students. Google Cardboard is just another way for students to personalize their learning.

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