Sunday, September 3, 2017

Vote With Your Feet Vocabulary

Everyone loves KaHoot! It is an awesome game that helps kids learn and have fun in class. We use KaHoot a lot in class and the kids always want more. The only downside of KaHoot is that kids don't move much during the game. Sometimes, we try to take the principles of KaHoot and use them in a different way so that kids can move around the room more. So this week, we did Vote With Your Feet Vocabulary.

The idea is the same as KaHoot. We review vocabulary (in this case, prefixes) using a question and four answers. Instead of pushing a button to record their answers, the kiddos walked (or ran) to the corner of the room that had the number corresponding to the correct answer. We covered twenty prefixes in about fifteen minutes.

Prep for this activity was easy. I used Google Slides to create a card with a prefix, a couple of sample words, and four answer possibilities. The answer possibilities were numbered 1-4. Before class, I hung numbered signs in each corner and we were ready to go.

As we were playing, I noticed a lot of the kiddos discussing with their neighbors what the prefixes meant. Some kids didn't know the answers so they went back and forth with a friend, trying to figure it out. I like that kind of discourse. I like to see the kids relying on their peers to solve the problem. Most of the kids got most of the answers correct. Sometimes they were confused. That's okay. There is a good chance that they will remember better because they were more involved in solving the problems. That kind of experience sticks.