Friday, October 23, 2015

Cardboard Genius!

Today as part of our Creative Genius time, I showed the kids three things, all of which we either just received or have been shipped to us. The first was Raspberry Pi, a circuit board device that allows kids to learn some basic programming skills. I then showed the kids Makey Makey, another small board that helps kids program. The last thing I showed the kids was Google Cardboard, the cardboard viewfinders that Google produces in order to work with the Cardboard app. Well, after I showed the kids a short video about how Cardboard worked, they took turns experimenting with the viewfinders. They were "wow'd" to say the least. The viewfinders that we have are ones the Melissa and I purchased after seeing them demonstrated by Bob Deneau at the Missouri Google Summit. We have written a grant for thirty more sets. Hopefully that grant will be funded and we'll be able to use Google Cardboard more extensively. Already, the kids are thinking about ways to use the Cardboard viewers. One student, Nicole, wants to create a Google Cardboard environment for her civilization project. That would be an amazing accomplishment.

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