Monday, February 9, 2015

Book Trailer Video Production

The projects that we do in class are centered around creating. We do not do "recipes"; we do projects. A recipe is an event where the kids are given a set of step-by-step instructions and, after following those instructions, they each turn in nearly-identical products. A project is a learning event where the kids reach the learning goals by creating something original that demonstrates their learning. The product could be anything: a video, an audio piece, a building, a piece of writing, or whatever the kiddo decides. The student piece is the creativity and originality that they bring to the project material. The material is the teacher-piece. When I, as the teacher, also provide the process for demonstrating the learning, then I have taken over the student-piece, making the "project" a recipe. That is something we don't do on our team. We demand that the kiddos cultivate their creative and innovative selves. At first, they may flounder a bit but eventually they realize some of their talents and completely take off.

We are producing book trailers in English. The kiddos must use a video production tool (Animoto, WeVideo, Wideo, Powtoon, Magisto, etc) to create a video. I introduce several tools to the kids and they choose the one that fits them the best. I know enough about each of the programs to be dangerous but I am by no means an expert. It is more likely that during class, if a kid has a question, I'll point them to another kiddo to help solve it or try to figure it out with the student. Learning together - that's what we're all about. The kids are immersed in video-production, creating the most lively, vibrant, funny, meaningful videos that they can. On Wednesday, we are having a mini film festival to showcase the creativity of these kiddos. Above are some photos of the kids working. The kids have chosen different programs according to what they like. I have no say in that. We'll see how these turn out!

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