Saturday, January 31, 2015

Why I Love Middle School

Every year, the personalities of the kids emerge in late fall. We encourage the kids to be their quirky, unique selves and we accept everyone unconditionally. We want the kids to be comfortable in the fact that at least in school, in our classes, they can be themselves without having to worry about what others think. Over the years, we have had some characters. It is during the middle school years when kids are bridging that divide between childhood and adulthood and we are there to help and guide them along the way.

On a daily basis, the kids do things that just make us laugh. Once they feel comfortable being themselves and revealing their quirks, we are treated to a community of vibrant, talented, genius, funny, intelligent, awkward, dopey, cool kids. Sometimes the kids are intentionally funny and sometimes they are accidentally funny. Friday after school, I noticed an oatmeal cookie on the floor. Apparently it had fallen out of a locker. One of our boys noticed it too. He said, "Do you think it's still good?"

I replied, "Probably not. It's on the floor." He decided he would try it out anyway. This kiddo proceeded to pick it up off the floor, give it a sniff and pop it in his mouth.

"It's still pretty good," he said while chewing. Off he went down the hall on his way home. Sometimes, you just have to laugh and appreciate the strangeness that is middle school.

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