Monday, December 15, 2014

We Are a Community, After All

Today we concluded our Holiday Family Service Project. Altogether, our team of 50 kiddos collected over 1900.00 with which we purchased gifts and gift cards for our holiday family. Kids begin raising money on November 1 every year and we end the drive on December 15 every year. We celebrate, make the project fun for the kids and make sure the kiddos buy in to the idea of service to those who have run into tough times. We never want kids to lose sight of the fact that some people have hit a rough patch and need some help to get out of it. We try to teach our kids that we should all help each other and we should all be able to accept help from others. We are a community, after all.

Our goal was 1500.00 and we smashed it!

Kids with presents for our holiday family

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