Friday, May 8, 2015

Time Capsules

As one of the last projects of the year, we have our seventh graders put together time capsules. Each of the kiddos brings in a shoe box and fills it with pictures, notes and other items that represent their interests and accomplishments. We have a few papers for them to fill out like "The Best of Harmony Team" or a "Most Likely To..." sheet so that they can remember how they felt about each other when they finally open up the capsule. One item that is required to be in the box is a letter from their parents. We ask that the letters be sealed in an envelope and that the parents do NOT allow the kids to see the letter. When all of the shoe boxes are packed and taped, we put them all in a refrigerator box and store them away.

When the kids are seniors in high school, we ask them to come back the week before graduation to open up the time capsules. Earlier this week, about thirty high school seniors streamed through our doors to visit, looked for their time capsule and visited with friends who they may not have seen in five years. It is a beautiful sight to see. These kids, on the brink of adulthood, reminisce about their time as early adolescents. They talk, they laugh and they appreciate how quickly time has flown by. Some kids go right for the parent letter and some put it aside to read later at home. Often when the kids read the letter from their parents, the tears begin to flow.

The time capsule project is one of the most rewarding projects that we do. It is one of the things that really solidifies the bonds between all of us. It is a shared experience and it is a good one.

Some of the seniors who returned for their time capsules.

A few of the kiddos paging through time capsule items.

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