Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Little Sharing

Friday afternoon, Melissa and I hosted a little Google Classroom sharing session. About a half dozen teachers and administrators came to share what they knew about Classroom. For a Friday afternoon, that was a great turnout!

One thing I like about our sharing session is that everyone offered up things they had figured out and ways that they are using Classroom in class. I had figured out a few things either by experimentation or by reading about it online, but on Friday I learned way more than I shared. That's the thing; when you get a group of talented, creative individuals in the same room, they can't help but learn from each other. Sometimes the best PD is just a group of teachers sitting around sharing experiences about a the topic at hand.

We are hoping that we can host more sessions like this one. Since we have gone 1:1 in the seventh grade this year, there is so much that we are discovering. If we can come together occasionally to share what we've learned, we will all learn at a much faster rate than we would otherwise. Good things happen when teachers teach teachers.

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