Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our Digital Environment

Since our kids have received their Chromebooks for our 1:1 Laptop Program, we have been immersing them in a digital environment. Over the last couple of days, we've begun using Google Classroom, discovering new tips and tricks along the way. Kids have discovered shortcuts to attach files (docs can be created IN Google Classroom rather than being attached from Drive), I learned that the same assignment can be assigned in multiple classes, and kids have discovered how to link work from outside Google into their Classroom assignment.

We've also started using 3DGameLab, a site that allows teachers to create learning quests for the students to complete. Each student has an account within our group and, upon completing a quest, earns points. Kids earn points and badges that allow them to level up. The kids, so far, have enjoyed the game lab. I find that it satisfies their desire to be online in a game-like environment while also completing their work and learning new skills. After all, kids who see learning as fun tend to learn more, in my view.

These boys are completing a quest using 3DGameLab and Google Apps

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